If Empty Grocery Store Shelves Concern You...

Please watch this 1 minute video introduction to Family Security below.  If you wish to learn more, watch the Electrical Infrastructure 15 minute video lower on this page.

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15 Minute Video from the Electrical Infrastructure Security Council

See what 500 agencies from many nations think is a modern day threat to your Families' Security.  This occurred in 1859 and you may google/search:  "Carrington event today" to read what Newsweek and Business Insider report.  Less intense events occurred in 1921, 1989 in Canada & in 2012 NASA reported a Carrington level event missed earth by just 9 days (See Wikipedia).  An Ancient Proverb states:  It rains on the righteous and the unrighteous.  There are actions you can take now to help protect those you care about. 

SIDENOTE:  And even if this forecasted solar event doesn't happen "in your lifetime", many are forecasting significant shortages due to numerous instabilities taking shape in our world during the Spring of 2023 - Including the potential microchip disruption & China/Taiwan issue (where 50% of chips are made), plus the Federal Reserve decision to utilize Unlimited QE now (unlike in 2008/2010) - which will continue to push up food prices, etc. 

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